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Fusilli Of Felitto

Oro Di Felitto
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Flour, Durum Wheat Semolina,Water,Salt,Eggs, 22.8%
500 Gr
Store in the fridge
Energy value
kcal/kj 257/1074
0.93 g
2.4 g
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Felitto is the land of Twirls! The tradition of Twirls has ancient origins,was the party dish that was eaten with a ragout of mutton.Recently it has become a slow food presidium,thanks to the Artisan Pasta factory Gold Of Felixstowe,we can all continue to eat pasta totally handmade, in all senses, because the twirls is done by hand with a fine steel iron, often a millimeter with great skill the lord of the pastificio pull the dough with quick movements, making this a twirls along the 20 Cm ,at the center with a very fine hole in order to improve cooking.

Unlike many types of Pasta exist in the Cilento,at the time it was considered a daily meal,while the twirls felittese for its difficulty of dough, and especially the richness of its ingredients was prepared only for grand occasions. The Gold of Felixstowe uses only organic products from companies in the village of felitto. It is used as a flour grain Saragolla of a company of Felitto and organic eggs always another company in the town of Felitto.