We carry the typical products from the mediterranean diet from the earth to the table by shortening the supply chain, to the joy of businesses and consumers.

Our mission is clear: we select the best products from the best companies and bring them on the best Italian tables, which are private homes or restaurants. Italy has a cultural heritage unique in the world in terms of food and beverages; they are the small regional realities, often in family production or semi-familiar, to express the best of this tradition. We in Terrabuona  want to make available an efficient, virtual marketplace that reaches every place near and far. Customers can finally buy from small producers and receive your order directly to your door, with all the safety devices necessary.

I am a customer, how it works Terrabuona?

You are a lover of good food and good drink and you're looking for a place to satisfy your desire for authenticity? You are in the right place. Select and buy the best of the mediterranean diet from our platform and we will send it directly to your home. We work with small local farms that meet the rigorous standards of quality and sustainability: a guarantee of goodness and safety.

• Explore our virtual marketplace, looking for inspiration or filter the results by the criteria that you prefer.

• Our products and our manufacturers are guaranteed: when you do your shopping on Terrabuona have the security that your table will arrive only Italian food throughout the supply chain.

• Be inspired by our suggestions and we select them based on your buying preferences.

• When you are shopping on our platform, the highest priority goes to the quality of the product; not the sacrifice for no reason! Unlike many e-commerce sites that handle the logistics of the shipments according to their own economic advantage or convenience, we give the priority to the goods. We deliver in 24/48 hours, without constrict your order to stopovers.