Our mission is to promote the typical products ofthe Diet the Mediterraneanto beyond any border and we want to do it with you.

We seek manufacturers and companies that believe in the value of the local productions, the flavors sincere and natural in a land full of wonders. We believe that the mediterranean diet deserves a worthy stage and we want to help the genuine reality of our territory to sell traditional specialities with innovative means. Today, the authentic flavors of the mediterranean will be able to reach any table, from homes to restaurants.

We think that your products deserve a wider market, more curious, more exciting, more rich, for this we have created terrabuona.it

What is Terrabuona?

terrabuona.it the online platform is modern and versatile, which allows producers of local specialities, mediterranean to sell their works of art, food and wine all over the world! Thanks to Terrabuona millions of people will be able to taste the diet of the mediterranean, the real one, and without moving from home. We're shortening the supply chain, to ensure a healthy lifestyle and tasty.

You are a farmer, a butcher, a trader of wine, a cheese maker, a beekeeper, a farmer, a shepherd? Extract and work your raw materials with love, respect, and passion? Have you ever thought that your company deserves to be known and appreciated beyond the borders of your territory? If yes, you are in the right place.

Thanks to our digital market, people from all over Italy and from all over the world can discover and purchase your specialty. With our precise indexing systems and our practices categories, for customers to orient themselves-it will be easy and for you it will be wonderful to showcase your products as they deserve.

Through the platform, it will be easy to manage orders and send them in the right quantity, with the ideal medium to preserve them and with all the care necessary.

We work with companies that are typical and familiar, which is the quality to make the difference, not the quantity. If your company has a daily production limited, we think the platform will calculate for you when to remove the goods from the virtual deck, and then make it available again the next day.

What we guarantee to the companies that choose terrabuona.it?

When a manufacturer chooses us, for us, is a source of great pride. For this we want to treat you and your company in the best possible way, offering the service of which you have always needed without you having to change your everyday life.

Manage you your job, as you have always done. Our logistical support is born to support your methods, your knowledge, your own pace.

The site is structured in a simple and intuitive manner: you keep easily track of your orders, shipments, payments, and you will have a direct dialogue with the buyers.

Let's go straight to the source: our system is designed to bypass unnecessary intermediaries. This will allow you to secure the most competitive prices, without having to overload the product costs “blank” for the customer.

We allow you to earn more money, by cutting all the so unnecessary and making it possible to have a price that reflects only the quality of the marketed product.

We only accept reality and companies of the highest quality. We value our reputation and we know that you also keep to yours: you will always be in good company, in the midst of producers who share your values and your daily challenges.

For products that have daily production,we give you the option to choose the maximum limit of daily sales for the product,you can better manage your production, no risk