From the hands of those who produce to the most demanding palates!

Minnelea, which merges Minneapolis and Elea into itself, is the name of the town in the heart of Cilento where, since 1962, Ancel Keys, a famous luminary biologist who for his studies has put healthy eating relationship with the health of body and mind, becoming the father of the Mediterranean Diet.

To outline their basic concepts and advantages, Keys analyzed the eating habits of the populations facing the Mediterranean Sea: Italians, Greeks, French and Spanish; but it is Pioppi, an idyllic Cilento marine hamlet, and the locality of Minnelea in particular, that the biologist has chosen at home, to return to the origins and rediscover the calm, passion and naturalness of a rural reality.

From here, to embrace the whole of Italy, the mission of the large online market of Terrabuona, which aims to rediscover the authentic flavors of the past, with food and wine products prepared by small companies made up of real people, who dedicate themselves with love for the preparation of products in every phase, from the choice of high quality raw materials to the packaging. Because each region has its specialties, its companies, its peculiar products to be savored and rediscovered.

Thanks to Terrabuona, everyone can have fresh and genuine products directly at home, rediscovering the pleasure of slow food in a world where eating has become increasingly synonymous with profit, frenzy and industrial foods.

History, tradition and experience, for everyone

Often, as opposed to frenetic and industrial nutrition, healthy eating is associated with the grueling search for excellence, food luxury, the organic niche; Terrabuona, on the other hand, offers everyone the opportunity to savor the authentic taste of the best productions, clearing them from the local reality of the individual regions and allowing them to know their history, passion and values.

For producers, however, it is a unique showcase to make themselves known and tell their story through the tasting of their specialties.

Local prices, sustainable production

The products you find on Terrabuona maintain the right quality / price ratio, to offer you the best of food and wine without spending more. The short producer-consumer chain guarantees freshness and authenticity, ensuring sustainable, more ecological production for the environment.

The perfect, healthy and natural alternative to large retailers.