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In Campania, in the heart of the Picentini mountains, the agricultural tradition has ancient roots and a long historical memory. The Garofalo family is the proud guardian and bearer of this tradition. The company's products are the most typical of this area rich in history and rural charm: superior quality olive oil and hazelnuts by Giffoni I.G.P. The production experience is combined with the enthusiasm of the new generation, creating products that deftly combine old and new. The olive cultivars are Coratina, with its intense green oil with notes of leaf, vegetables and artichoke; Itrana, with its intense and fruity pressing with notes of tomato; Frantoia, with its dark, tasty and fragrant oil, with a hint of apple and marjoram. In addition to a high quality extra virgin olive oil, worked in a continuous cycle with cold extraction, the Vigarò company produces excellent flavored oils: chili, truffle and lemon. Each of them is particularly suitable for certain foods or dishes, especially emphasizing the simplest and most authentic dishes. Giffoni I.G.P. hazelnuts, with their protected geographical indication to guarantee their excellence, have a perfect shape, great nutritional value and unique versatility, especially in toasting.

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